Spotlight on: Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

I will begin highlighting specific e-reference sources on a weekly basis.  This week’s focus is on the Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment, produced by Oxford University Press.

This encyclopedia focuses on the philosophic and social changes during the Enlightenment period, which occurs primarily during the 18th century.

As quoted from Oxford’s site, the Encyclopdia “extends the conventional geographical boundaries of the Enlightenment, covering not only France, England, Scotland, the Low Countries, Italy, English-speaking North America, the German states, and Hapsburg Austria but also Iberian, Ibero-American, Jewish, Russian, and Eastern European cultures. Nor does the Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment limit itself to major centers like Paris in France and Edinburgh in Scotland, but shares the rich lode of recent scholarship on “secondary” and “provincial” centers such as Berlin and Geneva; Philadelphia and Milan.”

Rather than following a traditional perspective, the Encyclopedia includes new theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the Enlightenment.   This encyclopedia is part of our Oxford Reference Collection, which contains over 200 reference sources, from dictionaries to lengthier encyclopedia.  Check them out!

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