New Printing Defaults for the Fall 2012 Issued Computers

For computers with the Fall 2012 image (newly distributed computers, newly imaged computers) the default for printing is to print double-sided and charging you $0.05 per side. Double sided printing will cost you $0.10 per sheet even if the second side is blank!

To print on only one side, be sure to change the default setting to print one sided only (this is for short documents or documents where your professor has required you to print one side only).

To do this:

  1. Go to print
  2. Select print
  3. Choose Library Laser
  4. Select changing it from duplex printing to one sided printing
  5. Save
  6. Click on printer icon to send print job to the queue.

Many students have been asking for double-sided printing for some time and here it is, finally.

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