New PBS streaming documentary videos

Links to the following PBS streaming documentary videos are now available in Voyager:

Alaska Gold (Frontline): Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska is home to the last great wild sockeye salmon fishery, and to mineral deposits estimated to be worth nearly $500 billion. Native American groups have been at the forefront of efforts to prevent damage to the environment in the Alaskan Peninsula from extraction industries.  FRONTLINE probes the fault lines of a growing battle between those who depend on this extraordinary fishery for a living, the mining companies pushing to extract the minerals and the political framework that will ultimately decide the outcome.

NOTE: This title should be of particular interest regionally due to the program’s topic of sulfide mining in Alaska to extract minerals.

Endgame, AIDS in Black America (Frontline): Every 10 minutes, someone in the U.S. contracts HIV. Half are black. A FRONTLINE special presentation, “ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America” is a groundbreaking two-hour exploration of one of the country’s most urgent, preventable health crises. People on the front lines tell moving stories of the battle to contain the spread of the virus, and the opportunity to finally turn the tide of the epidemic.

Dollars and Dentists (Frontline): Dental care can be a matter of life or death, yet millions of Americans can’t afford or find a dentist. FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity investigate the shocking consequences of a broken system.

Fast Times at West Philly High (Frontline): Can a group of inner-city high school students beat the odds and build the next great super-hybrid car?

Art:21: Art:21 is a series of 26 one-hour programs covering a wide variety of topics relating to themes and motives in modern art; included are interviews with over 100 contemporary artists working in different media in which they explain their technique and creative process. (Link is to series website)



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