Ongoing Olson Library Table of Contents Project

Olson Library’s Technical Services Department is in the process of adding table of contents (TOC) information to many of the bibliographic records in the library’s Voyager catalog.  In addition to providing patrons with enhanced information regarding the actual contents of any given bibliographic record that a patron retrieves in the library’s catalog, these additions will allow patrons to perform more powerful searches when using the keyword search in Voyager; i.e. you will be able to retrieve more titles with table of contents added.

The reason for this is traditionally, bibliographic records generally contained subject headings to let patrons know what a book or video was about.  The TOC information being added to the records will be more “specifically” descriptive about any given topic area than merely relying on traditional subject headings.   An example might be:  You (as a patron) may be looking for titles on the subject of Barack Obama’s years as a community organizer.  A book in our collection that would have Obama as a subject heading would most likely not have any mention of his community organizer years.  The TOC of the book, on the other hand,  may very well have a chapter on his time as a community organizer.

So feel free to attempt more specific searches in Voyager.  Enjoy your more “powerful” searches, and, as always, ask library staff for assistance in finding materials in the library.

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