New PBS streaming documentary videos

The following documentary video titles have been added to the library’s Voyager catalog:

Deadliest Tornadoes (Nova):  In 2011, the worst tornado season in decades left a trail of destruction across the U.S., killing more than 550 people. Why was there such an extreme outbreak? How do such outbreaks form? With modern warning systems, why did so many die? Is our weather getting more extreme – and if so how bad will it get? In this NOVA special, we meet scientists striving to understand the forces at work behind last year’s outbreak. Could their work improve tornado prediction in the future?

Hunting the Elements (Nova):  Where do nature’s building blocks, called the elements, come from? They’re the hidden ingredients of everything in our world, from the carbon in our bodies to the metals in our smartphones. To unlock their secrets, David Pogue, the lively host of NOVA’s popular “Making Stuff” series and technology correspondent of The New York Times, spins viewers through the world of weird, extreme chemistry: the strongest acids, the deadliest poisons, the universe’s most abundant elements, and the rarest of the rare–substances cooked up in atom smashers that flicker into existence for only fractions of a second.

Grand Coulee Dam (American Experience):  Of the many public works projects of the New Deal, Grand Coulee Dam loomed largest in America’s imagination during the darkest days of the Depression. It promised to fulfill President Franklin Roosevelt’s vision for a “planned promised land” where hard-working farm families would finally be free from the drought and dislocation caused by the elements.

Harper Lee: Hey, Boo (American Masters):  One of the biggest bestsellers of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird is the first and only novel by a young woman named Nelle Harper Lee, who said that she wanted to be South Alabama’s Jane Austen. Lee won the Pulitzer Prize and became a mystery when she stopped speaking to press in 1964. Harper Lee: Hey, Boo explores the history of the novel and offers an unprecedented look at the novelist’s life.

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