New PBS streaming documentary videos

The following documentary videos have been added to the library’s Voyager catalog:

Among the righteous (note: the library owns the DVD of the Holocaust Collection title): The history of the Holocaust in Europe is well-documented, but the history of what happened to the Jewish people of North Africa has been mostly forgotten. Based on Robert Satloff’s book, the film shows that not only did Jews in Arab lands suffer many of same elements of persecution as Jews in Europe, but there were also hopeful stories of Arab friends and neighbors reaching out to protect them.

Triangle fire (American Experience): The fire that tore through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City on March 25, 1911, was the gruesome culmination of years of unrest in America’s most profitable manufacturing industry. Two years earlier, led by a spontaneous walkout in the same factory, twenty thousand garment workers, in the largest women’s strike in American history, took to the streets of New York to protest working conditions. They gained the support of both progressives and leading women in New York’s society.

The following four videos were broadcast as part of a series “Ascent of Money”:

From bullion to bubbles: Economist and historian Niall Ferguson examines the current global financial crisis in the context of the financial history of the West, Topics in this episode include: the beginnings of moneylending, stocks, bonds and credit.

Bonds of war:  Niall Ferguson documents the rise of modern finance in Europe and its expansion into the Far East, including the ascendancy of the Rothschilds and bond markets, and the decline of Europe’s landed aristocracy.

Risky business: The roots of the insurance industry in Europe; disasters like Hurricane Katrina expose problems in risk management; the history of hedge funds.

Planet finance: Niall Ferguson chronicles the spread of good — and bad — financial practices across the globe, and the consequences for all of us.

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