More Chairs and tables in the library for you.

Second Floor

We have recently been moving tables and chairs around to make room for a number of round tables that have been placed on the 2nd floor.

Third Floor

Also if you venture up to the 3rd floor you will notice there are some lovely grouping of upholstered chairs and loveseat with handy coffee tables for you to use.

Furniture will continue to be moved around as we adjust to the additions and reallocate some of the current  to better serve the library needs of each of you. Map of the library to view the changes.

2 comments on this post.
  1. Jeremy:

    I love the new setup. The chairs are comfy, the beanbags are a great spot to read on, and the smaller tables makes it easier to work. Thank You.

  2. SaraJane Tompkins:

    Thanks Jeremy, we are real glad to hear that the changes are also improvements. SJ