Having trouble accessing full-text?

Oh, there are so many things that could be causing this.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you being prompted for your NMU username and password?  Type them in.  If you are no longer a student or aren’t associated with the university anymore, you won’t have access anymore.
  • Is the article actually available electronically?  Some databases, and NMU’s subscription to the journal, might not cover the date you are after (either the article is too old or too new, or it just isn’t available electronically at all).
  • Are you using a non-NMU computer? See the links below for the VPN.
  • Is NMU your Internet provider, or is it a private source (Charter, UPLink, DSNet, etc)?  If you’re using a non-NMU source, run the Cisco VPN client.  This runs in the background and lets you through the firewall.  MAC users click here.
  • Are you at a location that has a firewall (are you at work or accessing wifi at a restaurant)?  Such a thing might be preventing access.
  • Are you running a google toolbar (or something similar?)–disable that.

Still having trouble?  You can contact us (and we’ll probably go through the above list with you….)  Academic Computing  can also help with network access issues (the folks here at the library can only go so far with our limited knowledge).

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