New PBS streaming documentary video

In conjunction with Black History Month, PBS has provided access to an episode of the long-running series Open Mind from 1992, entitled Race Relations in Crisis, 6/12/63; 11/13/92.(2 hrs.)

This program presents two separate discussions on race relations in America, first in 1963, then in 1992. On the 1963 panel were James Farmer, founder and National Director of CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality; Wyatt Tee Walker, Chief of Staff of the Southern Christian Leadership Congress lead by Martin Luther King; Allan Morrison, New York editor of Ebony magazine; and Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X, striking a contrary and eerily prophetic tone in the midst of this plaintive and urgent discussion. Of particular interest: the discussion of the possibility within the coming few months of a march upon the nation’s capitol that was to become the historic March on Washington of August 28th, 1963. The 1992 discussion with Walker and Farmer covers the ensuing 30 years in race relations.

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