Looking for a quiet place to study?

Though our conference rooms are always popular, they are by no means soundproof, and can be difficult to obtain during finals week, even with a reservation. So, while reserving a study room ahead of time might be ideal for group-work, if you’re looking for something quieter, without distractions, consider this: Both back corners of the third floor contain large groups of high-walled study carrels, as well as a large, partitioned area directly at the back of the third floor. There are also many carrels along the sides of the third floor by the windows. Or pull up a bean-bag chair in our Government Documents area on the main floor.  Finals week can be hectic, so find a quiet corner and settle in. Happy studying!

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4 Responses to Looking for a quiet place to study?

  1. Kurt D. VanMullekom says:

    Spent 3 semesters of 4 at NMU as an undergrad in the carrels. People for the most part were really respectful and quiet. Once an a while a person would get into a lengthy cell phone conversation and I simply tapped them on the shoulder, let them know I was studying, and the people always got off the phone. It was warm and the light on the desk was a plus. Plenty of space to spread out your materials. Would kick back with my shoes off for hours up there and get work done.

    • Molly Anderson says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Kurt. It’s good to know when students are having a positive studying experience.

  2. Mike Kind says:

    I realize this isn’t the library’s problem but just curious what happened to having the 24 hour study lounge the week before and the week of final exams? It was posted in the Northwind in October and Dr. Wong brought it up at his conference…. It would be nice for students who don’t live in the dorms to have a place to study during this time. Studying at home isn’t always optimal. I got kicked out of the library at 7 and the Starbucks lounge at 10 the weekend before exams… NMU is run too much like a business/corporation and not an educational facility.

  3. mfreier says:

    ASNMU had decided to fund the extra hours for the week before finals week and finals week, as the North Wind reported in October. At that time, the President of ASNMU contacted the LRC building manager and told her that he’d get back to her about the hours. That’s the last we heard of it. You might want to contact ASNMU to express your concerns.

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