Lundin Summer Research Fellowship and Honors Summer Research Fellowship

On October 25th, the Lydia M. Olson Library and NMU Honors Program held an event designed to showcase the 2018 projects, involving the work of six Lundin Summer Research Fellowship winners. Funded through NMU alumnus Rich Lundin, the “Anna and Rich Lundin Honors Summer Research Fellowships” have been funding NMU faculty-mentored, Honors Program student research on the NMU campus each summer since 2012.
The 2018 Lundin Summer Research Fellowship winners were:
Aaron Rochow – Dr. Hanna Kassab, Political Science – “Economic Institutions and State Development”
Allison Opheim – Dr. Jessica Thompson, Communication and Performance Studies – “Communicating Scientific Research in a Social Media Age”
Hailey Donohue – Professor Andrea Savord, Psychological Science – “Exploring Sex Differences in the Side Effects of Behavioral Extinction”
Kyle Flickinger – Dr. Robert Belton, Biology – “Mechanism of exosomal protein transfer from Glioblastoma multiform to noncancerous cells”
Margaret Bohm – Dr. Josh Sharp, Biology – “Characterization of a conserved pseudomonas Aeruginosa carbon metabolism Pathway”
Taylor Susa – Dr. Josh Carlson, Psychological Science – “Neuroimaging of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Collegiate Athletes”
This event provided an opportunity to learn more about the NMU Honors Program and its distinctive opportunities for undergraduate research, and to highlight the faculty mentorship relationships these students have developed over the  months.
To view the program and hear about the students’ research, please click on the link below.

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