Taxes: 2016

Tax season is here and the Olson Library is ready to help.  To file your federal income tax return, you can use IRS Form 1040A, Form 1040, or Form 1040EZ.

The 1040A is a shorter version of 1040. The 1040EZ is the easiest form to fill out. It is used for single and joint filers with no dependents. This means single people or couples with no children. Each of these forms have specific purposes. If you would like more information on them, visit our website’s tax resources. We offer all online versions of all the IRS forms you could need as well as instructions for each one. These instructions are to help distinguish which form is the right form for each individual.

If you need a general guide to getting the most out of your taxes, check out Publication 17. It offers a wide range of tax saving credit for college students and parents alike. If online forms aren’t your cup of tea, we offer the forms (as supplies last) in front of the circulation desk as well as our Federal Depository Library guide to taxes.

The local Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting and Finance Club) here at NMU offers tax preparation help every year.  Starting Wednesday, February 15th, in the Trading Lab (second floor of the University Center (UC)) –near the skywalk, just across from the Wildcat Den.  The schedule of these volunteer income tax preparation sessions is here off the NMU master calendar.

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