The Age Old Debate: Books or Movies?

It’s the never ending question: what’s better, the book or the movie? Many people are absolute in their answer, but there¬†are exceptions to every rule. We offer a wide variety of book and movie pairs that are open for debate. I’ve picked a few from our collection and you can be the judge!

The Book Thief (Media PN 1997.2 .B66 2014) (Fic. Z71 B66)

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This book is centered on a nine year old girl, Liesel Meminger, who is living in Germany during World War II. The story is told by Death, creating a unique narrative which follows Liesel and her struggles to keep the innocence of childhood as her world is ripped apart by the Nazi regime. This book received a 4.36/5 star rating on Good Reads. The movie received 7.6/10 on IMBd. Over 50 percent of the reviews for each of them were positive. This book is in the young adult genre but is also an appropriate read for an older audience.

Emma (Media PN 1997 .E622 1999) (PR 4034 .E5 2005)


This classic story, written by Jane Austen, is about a woman named Emma Woodhouse. Emma is perfectly content with her life being beautiful, rich, clever, and single. ¬†This story is about the delight she finds in putting couples together and how it turns around and her life unravels. This book is seen as one of Jane Austen’s best pieces. It received a 3.97/5 on Good Reads. In 1996, Emma was turned into a movie staring Gwyneth Paltrow. It is set in the rural 1800s and follows the same story as the book: matchmaker gone wrong. This movie received a 6.8/10 on IMDb. These ratings are average but you can be the judge!

Freedom Writers (Media PN 1995.9 .M54 F7443 2007) (HQ 796 .F76355 1999)

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