Try our Juvies section!



The Olson Library offers a wide variety of books, but not many people know about our juvie section (e.g. juvenile and young adult). It is located on the left side of the second floor in short yellow shelves. Here is the perfect place to find books for all ages. We have everything from young adult novels to children’s picture books to works of nonfiction, all in one convenient place.

From 2005 onward, the library has been growing this collection to over 20,000 books. Most of them serve as resources for education majors to write lesson plans. The records have been improved so that you can search in our catalog for books winning notable awards such as the Newbery (most distinguished contribution to American literature for children) or Caldecott (most distinguished American picture book for children). Reading levels have been added so you can find books suitable for specific ages. The juvie section receives a few hundred new books a year.

If you’re an education major or just an avid reader, check out our juvies section!  There will be a grand opening of this collection sometime this semester.  Stay tuned!

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