New Year Resolutions


It’s still January and New Years Resolutions are on people’s minds. Most resolutions require a kick start to give you a chance. Here are a few resources at NMU that could help you.

For getting fit

We offer a wide selection of books on all kinds of exercise. From skiing (GV854 .C549) to yoga (RA 781.7 .H49 1978), these books can offer you ways to implement these activites in your daily life. One book that might be helpful to the masses is “Fitness Motivation” by W. Jack Rejeski and Elizabeth A. Kenney (GV481.2 .R45 1988). This book is designed to prime you for all aspects of getting fit, beginning with working out and developing better eating habits. “Performance Nutrition for Runners” by Matt Fitzgerald (TX 361 .R86 F58 2006)  is not only for runners, but anyone active. It provides information on how to fuel your body for stronger workouts, faster recovery and the best race times ever. This comprehensive guide offers tips for eating out, eating in, and eating right.

Kicking bad habits

Every time we turn around there seems to be some kind of bad habit following us. Making a New Years resolution to kick these is a great idea. Our library offers options for specific habits such as smoking (ebook) and a guide to breaking any habit (ebook). If you happen to bite your nails and would like to stop, I’d reccomend checking out “Fingernail biting: theory, research, and treatment” by Norman Hadley. (RC569.5.N35 H3 1984). It gives you reasons why nail biting is seems to be such a pesky habit and offers ways to break it.

Reducing Stress

This is a hard one. Being in college means feeling stressed. “101 Ways to Make Every Second Count: Time Managment Tips and Techniques for More Success with Less Stress” by Robert Bly (eBook) is an online resource that can help you eliminate time wasters, get more done in less time, and offers other ways to keep up productivity.

Whatever your resolution may need, we have books on every subject to help you be the best you can be! Have a safe and happy new year!

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