Do It Yourself this Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and as it does the frantic search for the perfect gift begins.  Do it yourself  has recently become all the rage. From Pinterest to your local library, there are ideas everywhere. Here are a few to get you started!

Let’s make More Presents (754.59 H38)

This book is aimed at children but has crafts for all ages. They are easy and affordable. From Soap on a Rope to an awesome work shop shelf, there are over 70 ideas in this book, most of them requiring affordable materials.

Freezing & Canning  Cookbook (TX 715 F223)

Jams, fruits, pickles, this book is your one stop shop for canning! Jelly makes a great gift for grandmas, aunts, moms, and friends. It even offers a fresh fruit alternative.

Creative Nature Photography: Essential Tips and Techniques (TR 721 .C68 2011)

Living in a place as beautiful as Marquette, why not take a hike up Sugarloaf and capture a sunrise? This book offers tips on how to get awesome photos of animals as well as landscapes and vegetation. For people who aren’t super experienced with photography, we offer a wide selection of books on photographing landscapes.

A Guide to Fashion Sewing (TT 515 .A67 2006)

If you want to go all out, we offer a book filled with sewing how to’s. Pick out a pattern from the craft store, and pick this book up to figure out how to make pockets, collars, and all of the other essentials!

The Art of Wrapping Gifts (TT 870 L75)

After you make an awesome gift, you need to wrap it. This book tells you how to wrap gifts for every occasion as well as appropriate color schemes, how to make multiple kinds of ribbons and more!

Look to the LRC for all of your DIY needs and have a happy holiday season!

Holiday_BlogBanner_PSD_02.jpg (1600×371)

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