A new way to find articles: OneSearch

The library has a new search engine this fall called OneSearch.  Including millions of articles and books available in our own library, OneSearch is your one-stop shop finding information for your class assignments.

OneSearch is revolutionary in that it is searching the full text of newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. Also, our library catalog’s materials–books, government documents, videos, etc.—are included as well.

Previous library databases were made up of citations to these types of materials, not the full text.  As a result, the search process was less effective as you had fewer words in which to match your search terms against.  In addition, OneSearch is far larger than any individual database, and thereby doesn’t require you to search more than one in order to find appropriate material.

Finally, most of you will never need to click on the old Find It button in order to see if you have electronic access to an article you found a database.

OneSearch automatically tells you if it is available online.

Check it out today: http://nmu.summon.serialssolutions.com/

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