How to Write a Resume

A resume is the first thing an employer sees in a new employee. Whether it’s on campus or in the real world, here are some titles that can help sell yourself to prospective employers. Having a professional resume will put you a step above the rest.

The library’s resume books are located on the third floor starting with call numbers HF 5383. Below are a couple of our picks to get you on the road to success.

  • The Elements of Rèsumè Style (call number HF 5383 B423 2005) booksGives essential rules and advice for writing successful cover letters and resumes. It offers sections on common concerns, how the letter looks, and how to market yourself. At 113 pages, this book is a quick effective read to figure out how to write the perfect resume as well as a cover letter.
  • Resume Writing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Resume books (1)Preparation and Job Search (call number  HF 5383 C69 2007)
    This book offers a very basic step by step process on how to write a
    resume including how to effectively conduct a job search and refine a rough draft.
  • The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Gobooks (2)od Examples (HF 5383 P354 1988)
    This book is marvelous in giving examples on how to write resumes in any career field. It gives good information in the first couple pages on why and how this book works and then the rest of the book is resume examples for whatever you need. If you were to want a supplement to the catalog, check out The Damn Good Resume Guide
    (call number HF 5383 P35 1989). It offers yet another way to write a
    good resume!
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