Spotlight On: Oxford Companion to American Literature

OCALThe Oxford Companion to American Literature has been a premier reference source for over fifty years.  This Sixth Edition has been entirely revised, with 181 full new entries, and several hundred more which have significant revisions.

Arranged alphabetically, the work includes short biographies and brief bibliographies of American authors, with information regarding their style and subjects.

Also included is over 1,100 full summaries of important American novels, stories, essays, poems , plays, biographies and autobiographies, tracts, narratives, and histories.

Other subjects receiving substantial treatment include definitions and historical outlines of literary schools and movements, literary awards (in many instances with lists of winners and their works), literary societies, scholarly organizations, and a wide variety of other matters related to writing in America.

OCAL inside
As part of our online Oxford Reference collection, the Oxford Companion to American Literature, is one of the many e-reference sources the library provides students, faculty, and staff.

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