UPDATED: Fire Alarm Testing in the LRC: Week of August 18th

UPDATED AGAIN Wednesday August 20th

There will be a few tests of the fire alarm this week–three of them.

Public Safety will notify building occupants–via the new building intercom mass notification system installed as part of this fire alarm system–just prior to and the completion of the fire alarm system testing.

Wednesday at 3pm, NMU Facilities will be testing the alarms briefly.

Thursday (the 21st) at approximately 9am is an electrical inspection of the fire system. This will be brief.

And on Friday (the 22nd) at 9am is the State Fire Marshall inspection. This will be a long one.  So long, in fact, that the following entities in the LRC will be closed from 9 to 9:30:

  • Center for Teaching and Learning/Instructional Design & Technology
  • Central Upper Peninsula and NMU Archives
  • Computing HelpDeskk
  • Olson Library

Thank you for your patience.

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