Moving and Shifting at the Library

Nevermind that there is a new connector between the new Jamrich and the 2nd floor of the LRC, the library has been undergoing a shift on the 2nd floor that has altered the look and location of familiar collections:

  • The Reference Collection has been shrunk to a few shelves near Government Documents.  Much of what used to be in the Reference Collection has been moved to the 3rd floor and will be able to be checked out.
  • The Indexes & Abstracts have also undergone the same treatment.
  • The Current Periodicals section has been moved from one side of the floor to the other (occupying where the Reference Collection used to be).
  • The K-12 Collection and the room in which it used to sit (LRC 229) are undergoing the most significant changes.  The room will be converted into 2 classrooms, while the books themselves will be on new shelving in the area where the Honors Atelier is currently.  At the moment, the K-12 books are where the Indexes & Abstracts used to be.

The current LRC floor plans have not been updated yet, so you’ll have to imagine the changes.

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