Need basic info on a topic? Don’t use Wikipedia, try Britannica Online!

britannica_homepageThe Britannica is the oldest English-language encyclopedia; first published between 1768 and 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Although no longer in print, the newly redesigned Britannica Online Academic Edition delivers fast, high quality, comprehensive information to students and faculty.

One of Britannica’s benefits over Wikipedia is their extensive network of reputable contributors, including Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, former U.S. presidents, world-renowned scholars, and other experts. Together, they ensure that Britannica is current, accurate, unbiased, comprehensive, relevant, engaging, and international in scope.

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Fully taking advantage of the online environment, encyclopedia entries incorporate links to relevant journal and magazine articles, ebooks, and primary sources, videos, and images.

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In addition, you can also browse these types of resources separately, independent of any entry.

Check out Britannica Online today, and make the start of your research process a little easier and your product of a higher quality.

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