Hot off the Presses: New Titles at the Olson Library

Did you know that there is a specific shelf for titles that are either newly published or brand new to the library? Check out the spinning shelf between the periodicals and study room 212 on the main floor, just around the corner from the Cat-Cash machine.

The newest editions to the New Book shelf are:

-“The Philosophy of Life and Death; Ludwig Klages and the Rise of a Nazi Biopolitics,” Nitzan Lebovic, 2013

-“Holocaust Mothers & Daughters; Family, History, and Trauma,” Federica K. Clementi, 2013

-“The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem,” Jeremy Dauber, 2013

-“Image d’un Pillage” (“Images of Plunder”), Sarah Gensburger,  2010

-“Serving the Reich; the Struggle for the Soul of Physics Under Hitler,” Phillip Ball, 2013

-“The Crooked Mirror; a Memoir of Polish-Jewish Reconciliation,” Louise Steinman, 2013

-“Literature of the Holocaust,” Edited by Alan Rosen, 2013

-“Quiet Dell; a novel,” Jayne Anne Phillips, 2013

-“East of Eden, New and Recent Essays,” Edited by Michael J. Meyer and Henry Veggian, 2013

-“National Responses to the Holocaust,” Edited by Jennifer Taylor, 2014

-“Holding on Upside Down; The Life and Work of Marianne Moore,” Linda Leavell, 2013

-“Commemorating the Holocaust; The Dilemmas of Remembrance in France and Italy,” Rebecca Clifford, 2013

-“Hitler’s War Poets; Literature and Politics in the Third Reich,” Jay W. Baird, 2009

-“My Crazy Century,” Ivan Klima, 2013

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