Another fun Dog Night in the Library!

It is now my pleasure to showcase some of the dogs! Thanks again to the Pet Partners dogs and their owners!

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3 Responses to Another fun Dog Night in the Library!

  1. Kathi Osuzik says:

    I think I can speak for the group…..we had GREAT time visiting with the students. We were glad that we could help a little during the stressful time of finals.
    Thank you for inviting us and we look forward to our next visit.

    Kathi and Jessie the Choc Lab
    SuperiorLand Pet Partners Secretary

  2. Dually and Dora can not wait until they can come visit again next semester.

    Kelly (human) and Dually and Dora the Bernese Mountain Dogs

  3. nscholl says:

    Thanks again for participating, especially in this cold cold weather! We are all looking forward to next semesters visit!

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