AIS 101: Learn the basics of library research

Does this apply to you?

  • Feeling lost when your professor says “I want you to find a scholarly article about….”?
  • Intimidated or confused by searching a library database?  Or the library catalog?  Or the even Internet?
  • Would you rather stay put in google (or bing) for all your scholarly research?
  • Are you a returning to school after years away or are you a Freshman or Sophomore and need a leg up navigating databases?

Then AIS 101 is for you!  It’s a 1 credit class designed to teach you the practical side of  using the library resources—the catalog, databases, online information, government documents, journals, citations.

SEE: Demonstrations on how to use the library’s resources.
HEAR: A 40 minute (or so) lecture containing practical information.
FEEL: Yourself getting a handle on databases, on research, on the library.
FINISH: Some of your homework assignments in class.
TAKE: The concepts learned here beyond this class, beyond other classes, beyond NMU.
LOSE: the feeling of confusion and intimidation about databases and the library.
LAUGH: At your friends who say “the library’s got nothing” or “I can’t find anything”.
FINISH: The class in 7 weeks.

Yes that’s right!  It’s only for 7 weeks!  Half the semester—and that’s it (Fridays from 11:00 am – 12:40 pm)!  Then you are done, leaving the class with an understanding of how to use library resources to your best advantage for your tenure at NMU and the rest of your life.  Take the advice of your peers and enroll in this as a Freshman or Sophomore.

Questions?  Contact the prof, Bruce Sarjeant.

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