Films on Demand playback Issues

The database Films on Demand contains thousands of titles ranging in subject matter from Anthropology, Nursing, Music & Dance, History, English Language & Arts (you’d probably be surprised at what’s in this resource).  But like (nearly) all resources you can get to online, it will have a bug of some sort.  In this case, the browser in which you are viewing the film and the film in the database.  There is always a bug, isn’t there?  If your film hangs up or causes your browser to stop (I use Firefox, and the movie I wanted to watch froze my computer), try another browser.  Yes, I know: trying another browser is like rooting for another sports team or trying a food you don’t like.  But it’s a quick workaround in lieu of a plethora of issues with browsers and the source.

If you are having playback issues, let us know.

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