The Dreaded Interview

As we all know an interview is something that for most of us is unavoidable, stressful, and nerve racking. However, if you are prepared (and you can never be too prepared) you can ease through the process with confidence. Whether you are interviewing for your dream job, fast food position, or promotion, being prepared is the number one thing you can do.

The Olson Library has a great selection of books that will help you nail your first interview. Although many of them are on the 3rd floor, starting with call numbers HF 5549.5, below is a list of our favorites.

  • High Impact Interview Questions (call number HF 5549.5 I6 H59 2006) includes traditional questions such as “What are your strengths/ weaknesses?”, situational questions like “What would you do if someone higher than you in the organization instructed you to do something unethical?”, or even brainteaser questions such as “If you could remove one of the 50 states, which one would you remove and why?”
  • The Manager’s Book of Questions (call number HF 5549.5 I6 K33 2006) offers 1001 potential interview questions.  In addition, this book is great because it gives examples of scripts the interviewer might follow for conducting different types of positions.  For example, there are scripts and questions for entry level positions, financial positions, management/ supervisor positions, sales, and much more.  This book gives an excellent overview of how the interview might be conducted.
  • The Interview Kit, 2nd ed. (call number HF 5549.5 I6 B387 2000) will guide you on how to develop an interview strategy, give tips on how to research the company, and how to control the interview to your advantage.

These are just a few books that the Olsen library has to offer on this particular subject.  A few others include: Strategic Interviewing ( HF 5549.5 I6 C867 2000), Psychological Testing at Work (HF 5549.5 H699 2002), and Interviewing Techniques for Managers (HF 5549.5 I6 T48 2002). One book that is a bit older that I would like to highlight is 88 Mistakes Interviewers Make (HF 5549.5 I6 U73 1988).  This book has information that is still relevant in the workplace today.

Keep in mind that these are not all of the books that the library offers on interviewing; there are many more.  Now that you have the books as your hammer, use them to nail your next interview!

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