Library furniture re-habbed:

You may have noticed that the library has been giving some of its furniture a new look. Beginning this past summer, we had our comfy chairs re-upholstered. The chairs are very popular but years of use left them worn and stained. We contracted with Doug Barabe to have them re-upholstered. We have completed the re-upholstery on the 2nd floor. Now we will move to the 3rd floor and take care of the chairs located there. Re-upholstering a large number of chairs is expensive. In order to keep the chairs looking good for as long as possible, we are asking our patrons to assist us by not using the chairs as ottomans unless you first remove your shoes. Keeping your shoes on and propping them in a chair opposite from you causes wear and tear on the fabric, especially when the weather outside includes rain and snow. It leaves a large and dirty wet spot. No one wants to sit in a chair that is dirty or wet. So, please, enjoy our re-habbed chairs but leave your shoes on the floor. Thank you.

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