Quality online dictionaries and reference sources

Next time you need a definition or quick bit of information, don’t waste your time with dictionary.com or poor quality information on Google.


Oxford Reference Library Premium is a great online source of reference type materials that can come in handy when writing your next paper.  Oxford Reference Library Premium consists of two collections.

Oxford Quick Reference
Quickly check a fact, or find out key information about a concept, person, or term:

                    • A collection of over 125 core subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully-vetted quick results that users can trust
                    • Updated monthly, in addition to 3 major updates a year which add new titles and editions to the collection

Oxford Reference Library

Delve deeper into a subject, furthering your research needs using in-depth articles and essays, and expand your subject coverage with more specialist titles:

                    • Over 100 in-depth and specialist titles from Oxford’s award winning Encyclopedias and Companions
                    • New major reference titles added throughout the year, with new editions publishing periodically

With Oxford Reference Library Premium you can search across all titles or browse individual ones.








Likewise, you can browse titles by the two different collection types. Below is an example of the over 100 titles in the Reference Library collection, which provide more “meaty’ entries. Note, you can see all the titles, or browse them by subject (left hand side).


Once you give Oxford Reference Online Premium a try, we’re confident you will like what you find.

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