iClicker Version 7.4.4 Now Available

For those using the i>clicker software, version 7.4.4 is now available. If any of your students are using REEF polling instead of physical clickers to respond in class, we recommend that you upgrade your i>clicker software to this new version, especially if you upload participation points to NMU EduCat. This version fixes the point upload so participation points are no longer counted as extra credit.

To update the software, run your current version of i>clicker. From the “Help” menu, select “Check for Update.” Then follow the onscreen instructions to update the software. If you have any trouble updating, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to arrange a time for us to install the current version of the¬†software for you.

If you are not currently using i>clicker, but would like to find out more about using student response systems in the classroom, you may want to sign up for the next i>clicker session offered at the CTL on November 4th from 5:00pm – 5:30pm. To sign up for this session, or to read about other upcoming sessions, go to http://idt.nmu.edu/ctl.

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