iClicker Version 7.4.4 Now Available

For those using the i>clicker software, version 7.4.4 is now available. If any of your students are using REEF polling instead of physical clickers to respond in class, we recommend that you upgrade your i>clicker software to this new version, especially if you upload participation points to NMU EduCat. This version fixes the point upload so participation points are no longer counted as extra credit.

To update the software, run your current version of i>clicker. From the “Help” menu, select “Check for Update.” Then follow the onscreen instructions to update the software. If you have any trouble updating, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to arrange a time for us to install the current version of the software for you.

If you are not currently using i>clicker, but would like to find out more about using student response systems in the classroom, you may want to sign up for the next i>clicker session offered at the CTL on November 4th from 5:00pm – 5:30pm. To sign up for this session, or to read about other upcoming sessions, go to http://idt.nmu.edu/ctl.

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New Teaching & Learning Faculty Scholar

Welcome, Terry Delpier!   tdelpier

The Center for Teaching and Learning would like to welcome Terry Delpier DNP, Professor in the NMU School of Nursing as our new Teaching and Learning Scholar.
Terry has been with NMU for 24 years specializing in pediatric nursing education.  The CTL is happy to have Terry join our team and look forward to another two years of growth and learning. Terry will be an asset to our mission as we assist faculty in their goals of advancing teaching processes and gaining professional development opportunities.

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Active Course Design Institute May 6-8th

Registration is now open for the Center for Teaching & Learning’s spring Active Course Design Institute. Prepare for next semester by spending a few days learning more about active learning teaching techniques!

The Active Course Design Institute (ACDI) will take place from Wednesday, May 6, through Friday, May 8. The Institute will feature two attendance options for participants:

  1. À la carte. Each morning will feature content seminars from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, with a bonus session on Friday at 1:00 pm.  Come to as many as you’d like.  You’ll receive a certificate for each workshop attended.
  2. Full Institute. Registering for the full ACDI event will include you in all morning sessions (as well as Friday’s 1 p.m. workshop) plus the afternoon design sessions scheduled each day from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (2:30 pm – 4:00 pm on Friday). These afternoon workshops will help you put the knowledge learned in the earlier sessions to work for a specific course of your choice, with CTL staff available to provide assistance. Participants in the full institute will receive lunch each day and a letter recognizing their completion of this faculty development program.  More importantly, upon completion of the institute, you’ll have a new course ready (or well on its way to ready) to roll out next semester!

Full details and registration access can be found on our website, www.nmu.edu/ctl

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April 15-Course Enhancement-Online Resource Workshop

merlotlogo Join us Wed. April 15th, at the Center for Teaching & Learning to explore the free, web-based resource, MERLOT, designed to help faculty find quality online teaching and learning materials quickly and easily. MERLOT also provides an avenue for tool or article submission as well as peer review opportunities for faculty. Come learn about the many benefits the MERLOT system can provide for you.

For further details or to register, visit the CTL website at:  http://www.nmu.edu/ctl/


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Building Effective Learning

Friday March 27

Please join us for two exciting workshops presented by Cheelan Bo-Linn

Building Effective Student Teams: What, How, and Why

9:00-10:30 a.m.
LRC 108

Informal Early Feedback (IEF): Using Student Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning

LRC 108


Cheelan Bo-Linn is the Senior Specialist in Education in the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her primary responsibilities are to provide consultations and develop programs for faculty, unit heads, and academic departments to promote excellence in teaching and learning. She is also the coordinator for the campus annual Faculty Retreat and the Junior Faculty Seminar Series. She was the campus coordinator when Illinois was selected by the Carnegie Foundation for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a Leadership Institution with the focus on undergraduate research. She has been invited to present nationally and internationally, most recently in India and Taiwan. She has been the educational consultant on NSF, USAID, and Fulbright grants. Her most recent workshop topics are active learning, student teams, inquiry-based learning, formal and informal assessment of teaching and learning, classroom research, and teaching philosophy statement.

Register here to attend either of these workshops.

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Upcoming Speakers!

Ask the Students! Continuing a great program started last year, we will again invite faculty to interact with a panel of students to discuss issues related to teaching and learning, classrooms, and the student experience. This semester, the topic is Making “Work” Worth It. Students will be answering questions surrounding workload issues, student work-life balance and how they prioritize their coursework, value placed on class assignments… and whatever else you would like to ask them! Join us February 24 at 4:00pm in LRC224.

Cheelan Bo-Linn (University of Illinois) will visit in March and conduct several talks. One will focus on Team Based Learning and the other on Student Informal Feedback and its importance in the classroom. Stay tuned for more information on times and locations for these talks!

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