New Features in EduCat

The following new features are being added to NMU EduCatTM :

  • New Sort for the “My Courses” List – Early next week, when you login to EduCat, you will notice a change in the way your courses are sorted. Courses which currently have students will appear at the top of the list. The remaining courses in your list will move to the bottom. This should aid in finding the courses you are currently teaching because they will no longer be mixed in with your other courses. This will also result in less scrolling when accessing current courses.
  • New Question Types – When creating quiz questions in EduCat, you now have two additional options for question types: “File Response”, and “All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice”. The “File Response” question type allows students to browse, select, and attach a file as the answer to the question.  This could be used to test someone’s ability to use a formula correctly in an Excel spreadsheet, or properly format something in a Word document within a specified time limit.  The “All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice” question allows for a ‘select all that apply’ multiple response where the student receives either full credit, or no credit depending upon whether or not all of the correct responses were selected.
  • EduCat Mail Contacts – When composing a message in EduCat mail, contacts are now alphabetized by last name. There is also a drop-down menu at the bottom of the contacts page to control the number of contacts displayed per page.

Please contact the CITE if you have any questions about these new features.