Teaching Online – Self-Paced Tutorial Now Available

“Teaching Online Overview,” a self-paced tutorial  that fulfills the Distance Qualification requirement for faculty and other instructors who have previously taught online at NMU, is now available on NMU EduCat. The tutorial reviews techniques and tools for teaching online courses at NMU, as well as related policies, processes, and resources.

Accessing the Tutorial

Most faculty and department heads will automatically be enrolled into the tutorial and will find it on their list of courses when they next log in to EduCat. Graduate Teaching Assistants and instructors with multiple appointments (e.g., staff who also teach as adjuncts) are not automatically enrolled. Those who are not automatically enrolled can self-enroll by following these steps:

  1. Point your web browser to https://educat.nmu.edu/moodle2/course/view.php?id=6831
  2. If you are not already logged in, log in to EduCat.
  3. If prompted, type NMUTOSPT (in all caps) in the Enrolment key field, then click Enrol me.

Time Required

The self-paced tutorial includes readings, practice activities, quizzes, and other activities. It will take an average of  2-4 hours to complete. It can be completed in multiple sittings.

Distance Qualification for New Online Instructors

Note that this tutorial does not fulfill the Distance Qualification requirement for those who are new to teaching online. Those instructors must complete the four-week, instructor-faciliated “Teaching Online @ NMU” course. The next offering of that course begins on October 16. Registration for the four-week course is available at http://www.nmu.edu/ctl/registration.

More Information

For more details about the Online Teaching Qualifications Policy, please refer to the attached document Online Teaching Qualifications Policy FINAL 6-2-15 , or contact Leslie Warren, Dean of AIS, at lwarren@nmu.edu.