“Demo Student” added to EduCat

Faculty who used the old WebCT system may remember that WebCT courses had a demonstration student feature that they could use to preview and test exactly how their students would see and interact with their courses. EduCat allows instructors to switch to a Student role, but that feature is more limited. It allows you to preview the course home page, resources, and activities from a student perspective, but doesn’t record assignment or quiz submissions or allow you to see the student’s gradebook.

Several faculty have asked for  a more full-featured demo student to be added to EduCat.  We are  happy to announce that each instructor now has the ability to log in with a student “demo” ID. Your demo student ID is your regular username with demo- added ahead of it.  Your demo student  password is your regular NMU password.

For example, to log in as a demo student, a user who normally logs in with the username homer and the password 12donuts would log in with username demo-homer and the password 12donuts

The first time that you log in with your demo student ID, a demo student will be added to all of your courses. Your demo student can do and see the same things in your courses that your real students can.  After viewing your course as your demo student, to view your course in your normal instructor role you will either need to log out and log back in with your regular username, or log in with a different browser (e.g., you could log in as yourself on Firefox and your demo student in Chrome).

If you have questions about using the demo student, please contact the CITE at x2483 or cite@nmu.edu.