Online Discussion Forums about NMU EduCat Now Available

Over the past week, several faculty members have been discussing NMU EduCat™ in e-mails to the AAUP distribution list.  We have been CCed on some of the later messages, and some of the earlier messages were forwarded to me.  Following the suggestion of a faculty member, we have set up a site on NMU’s “Share” system  for discussion of EduCat issues. The forums are open to NMU faculty, administrators, and staff.   To access the forums:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login link in the upper right corner (under the NMU logo).
  3. Log in using your standard NMU username and password.
  4. Click the  NMU EduCat Discussions link in the My groups list.

There are three forums on the site:

  • EduCat Tips & Techniques,  for sharing ideas about using EduCat and its various tools.
  • EduCat Suggestions, for discussing enhancements or additions that you would like to see  in EduCat in the future.
  • EduCat Issues, for discussing technical problems and user concerns.

You may subscribe to receive an e-mail message when a new contribution is made to a forum, or just check them at your convenience.

Instructional Design and Technology staff may join discussions when we feel that we can add something valuable.  However, please continue to contact the CITE ( or 227-2483) directly when you have immediate questions or problems rather than posting to the forums and waiting for a response.  We will check in on the forums regularly, but you will get a much faster response from us by contacting us directly.

One point that I would like to stress, which I know has been also made by some of the e-mail discussions:  We cannot address issues if we are not made aware that they exist.  Some of the faculty who mentioned issues in the e-mail discussions have also contacted the CITE. In those cases we and our partners in Information Technology are working on the problems identified.  However, in other cases, the forwarded e-mails were the first indication we received that a faculty member was experiencing a problem.  When you have problems with EduCat or the other tools we support, please let us know. Sometimes there may be technical issues of which we aren’t aware. Other times there may be solutions already available or suggestions we can make to minimize or eliminate a problem.

Please feel free to contact me ( or 227-1886) if you have any questions. Thank you.