Using Wimax on Campus?

Stop! It’s for off-campus. From the Academic Computing website, comes these kernels of knowledge: “NMU WiMAX is not a replacement for the NMU WiFi network” and “When you are on the NMU campus, you should turn WiMAX off and then connect to the NMU WiFi network as it will be a faster Internet provider. Likewise, when you have access to a data port it will always be your fastest, strongest Internet connection. But when you’re off campus, WiMAX is what you should choose to use.”

In the library, we’re always being asked to troubleshoot a print job that has been sent (and sent, and sent, and sent…) to the printer but never shows up–because WiMAX is being used, not the NMU WiFi.  Make the switch to the WiFi.

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