Book Review: Falling Kingdoms

Death, Betrayal & Politics

Falling Kingdoms (Book 1)

Rating: 4/5

Summary: The Kingdoms of Mytica have strained relationships: the King of Limeros craves power, Paelsia is dying and Auranos seems to be rife with life and excess. When visiting royals of Auranos come to Paelsia for wine, violence breaks out, ending with the unfortunate and unnecessary death of a wine seller’s son. The wine seller’s other son, Jonas, is determined to find vengeance. Princess Cleo of Auranos is ravaged by nightmares of Tomas’s death and her own sister’s illness. In Limeros, Prince Magnus watches his father’s plans come to fruition and tries to keep his precious sister out of them. However, it’s becoming harder when his father seems determined to use both them to succeed in destroying Auranos with Paelsia’s help.

This book was told in the multiple perspectives of the teenagers and a Watcher. Mainly, the story seemed to focus on Cleo and Magnus, which I was fine with because I liked them. Cleo did annoy me at the beginning and sometimes she had her annoying moments, but I think she’s going to get better as the series progresses. The Watcher’s perspective was very strange and while it gave something different, I was very confused by it, especially at the end.

I did like the characters in the book; however, Emilia was pretty bland. She also had about 5 seconds of page time, so I’m going to blame that. Jonas was a very intriguing and dynamic character. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do in the next book. I wonder if Cleo/Jonas are going to become a thing. I hope it won’t happen in book 2. Maybe book 3. I could see that as believable, depends. I hope someone kills Aron though, preferably Jonas or Magnus. Or Jonas and Cleo. I liked the romance between Theon and Cleo, but I wish there was more page time before they were like “Oh my god, I love you! You’re my everything!” It felt excessively rushed and I was sitting there with this look on my face: *narrows eyes, glares at book* “I don’t think so”.

Another thing I liked about this book was the mythology of it. I love mythology. You put mythology in a book; it therefore has my name written on it, so hand it over. I loved hearing the stories from Eirene and I hope there will be more about the Watchers, magic and the Kindred in the next books.

Plot wise, there were many small things that happened, but overall, it was really like there was only one big thing that happened which was at the very end. Okay make that two, when Tomas died and the event at the end, but everything in the middle kind of feels sort of like set-up and that it could’ve been condensed or made more significant in some way. I hope that there will be some improvement in book two, but overall, I did enjoy this but not my all-time favorite. It was a very good start to the series, I can’t wait to read the rest of them!

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