Science Direct – A World of Scholarly Content, One Click Away

As you probably know the library subscribes to many journals, most of them electronically. One of our largest collections of online journals is from the publisher Elsevier.  Their online platform for scholarly content is called Science Direct.


Science Direct contain over 3,400 journals, across many different disciplines.  The library subscribes to about 1,800  of these journals, and another 600 titles are available through Elsevier’s open access program, where some journals provide part of their content for free.  You can search across these titles (see above image) or browse by subject (below).  In the following image the arrow shows you where to restrict the titles to those available at NMU.


All the journals have homepages in which you can browse specific issues.  Articles are available as PDFs and once viewing an article, Science Direct suggests similar articles on the same topic.


If you are looking for articles on specific topics it might be said that you are better off using OneSearch, the library’s main database. Science Direct titles are located in OneSearch, along with the library’s other electronic titles (and our print books and videos too).  However, the breadth of coverage, focus on scholarly journals, and the nice user interface makes Science Direct a very useful source for students needing to complete library research assignments.

Check it out today, and if you need any help, please contact the library’s Public Services Desk.

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