Magazines at the library!

The Lydia M. Olson Library offers a wide selection of magazines and journals. They are offered for many academic concentrations as well as for recreational reading. The periodicals are housed to the right of the Public Services desk by the color printer. This post highlights a few magazines just to give you a taste of what is offered.

Advertising Age


Advertising Age (also known as Ad Age) delivers news on marketing and media. Inside it opens with a briefing of what’s happening in the ad industry. After that, as you’d expect, there’s articles about how ad campaigns are working (or not working) for companies across the world.  This publication would be good for marketing, graphic design, public relations and anything else that could benefit from the study of advertisements.



The Booklist magazine aims to present critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. It is published by the American Library association. It also features interviews with authors and what they call the “classic corner” where they feature classics with new materials on the market. This publication is would benefit English, education and history majors as well as anyone who likes to read



Wired is a magazine written about how technology is changing economics, culture and politics. Inside you will find everything from social media to new products. This magazine is for anyone who is intrested in social media, technology and how those things go together.

Sports Illustrated 


Sports Illustrated is a classic magazine about sports, sports and more sports! It covers all big sporting events (such as the Super Bowl or March Madness) all the way to editorials about sports history or on superstar athletes. This magazine is great if you a) like sports b) have a free minute on campus and c) don’t want to pay for your subscription yourself!



Nursing 2016 is a peer reviewed journal on the hottest news in nursing. It offers a ton of information on things you might be currently learning in class. Just to highlight a few sections included in this publication: drug news, ethical problems, inspiring change and clinical rounds. This publication would be great for nursing students as well as anyone going into the medical field in any capacity.

Scholastic Teacher


The Scholastic Teacher offers many ideas for learning professionals across the country! With classroom organizing techniques, activities and teaching strategies, this magazine is great for teachers old and new!

National Parks


National Parks magazine aims to foster an appreciation of the natural and historic treasures found in the parks as well as educate readers about the need to reserve those resources. There’s articles that spotlight national parks, esteemed park rangers and much more.

A fair amount of publications are listed, but that isn’t even a quarter of what is offered. We have magazines for all fields and interests so stop by or contact us with any questions!

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