Writing a research paper? Check out Zotero

How many of you have to write a research paper this semester (or, even if your professor didn’t call it a research paper, it requires citations and a bibliography)? You know that feeling you get when you finish drafting the last paragraph of your paper? You deserve a treat for finishing that paper’s first draft, but, instead of a treat, you have to type up the bibliography (or works cited or references). There’s something wrong with that.

Zotero will do quite a bit to make things right. Zotero is a Mozilla Firefox extension that will help you store the information you need to write your bibliography, and it will also help you insert your citations in your paper. But, best of all, it will allow you to create your bibliography with the click of a button. Really. Check out the Olson Library Zotero User Guide for information about how to install and use Zotero. The time you save on typing your bibliography can now be used on improving the quality of your paper.

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