New Project Information Literacy report: “Balancing Act: How College Students Manage Technology While in the Library during Crunch Time”

This new report from Project Information Literacy relies on interviews with 560 students at 10 institutions of higher education, all of whom were interviewed during late April and May in academic libraries. Students were asked about their use of technology resources, including communication technology and library databases. They were also asked about their use of library resources, including the assistance of a reference librarian. As a rule, students had used library equipment, but they had not used the services of a librarian, nor had they used information resources provided by the library, such as books and journals (including ebooks and ejournals). Although current undergraduates are notorious for their multitasking while working, during the last weeks of the semester they were found to limit their use of social media while trying to get work done. Check out theĀ full report (including appendices) (72 pages, 6.1 MB) or theĀ Short version (without appendices) (54 pages, 6 MB).

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