Check out the library’s touch screen scanner!

We have a easy-to-use new scanner in the library!

This touch screen machine will send scans straight to the printer, email,  and flash drives, or you can download files directly to your smart device! It has two features, one for book scans (as shown by the green star in the image below) and one for paper scans using the automatic document feeder (as shown by the yellow X) . The automatic document feeder also has a special slot for driver licenses or NMU ID cards.

The main scanning computer is circled in red. The bottom screen has the controls for the scanner and the top screen displays your scans. Lastly, the purple arrow shows the smart device dock, which serves a hot spot for you to download the files directly onto your laptop!

Easy as this scanner is to use, if you have questions please ask at the Public Services Desk or contact us through chat/phone.


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