New streaming PBS documentaries

The following PBS videos have been added to Voyager:

Anthrax files: (Frontline) ‘Anthrax Files’ takes a hard look at the FBI’s role in the suicide of Ft. Detrick scientist and anthrax researcher Dr. Bruce Ivens. The FBI zeroed in on him as its prime suspect in the case of deadly envelopes of anthrax sent through the mail. The documentary acknowledges that Ivens was a troubled person with distinctive kinks, but even FBI consultants in the case now admit that the agency overstated its evidence and never found a smoking gun to prove the researcher’s guilt. In fact, evidence was revealed in 2010 shows Ivens did not have the equipment needed to make the powdery kind of anthrax sent through the mail. That didn’t stop the FBI then — or now —¬†from acting like it found its man.

Surviving the Tsunami: (Nova) The earthquake that hit the northern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011 was recorded at magnitude 9.0–the worst ever recorded in Japan. It generated an unprecedented tsunami, obliterating coastal villages and towns in a matter of minutes. In some areas, the tsunami climbed over 100 feet in height and traveled miles inland. Amazingly, amateur and professional photographers captured it all on video, including remarkable tales of human survival, as ordinary citizens became heroes in a drama they never could have imagined.

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