Common Pricing Questions

Originally created as a quick reference for us at the service desk, this list of common fines and costs would be handy for everyone to have access to.  Current as of July 2nd, 2014:

Common Pricing Questions

Bike Share Program:

Bike-share return late fee (per day) -$3, Bike-share lost key fee -$15,

Bike-share replacement fee – $340

Camcorder: Late Return Fee -$10

Courtesy Card:$25 annual fee

Fax: Sending: Domestic: 55 cents a page /International: $2.50 a page

Sending: To campus or toll-free number: Free of charge / Receiving: Free

Guest Card: $5 cost supplies $3 of CAT Cash

Laminating Fee: $1 a foot

Laptop Rentals:

Thinkpad: Daily – $15, Weekly – $40, Summer – $250

Late fees: $15 p/day

Macbook: Daily – $20, Weekly – $55, Summer – $345

Late fees: $20 p/day

Locker Rental: $25 per semester or for both summer sessions

Overdue Fines: 15 cents a day per item

Printers & Copiers:

Black & White Printing: 5 cents per side

Color Copying & Printing: 15 cents per side

Black & White Copies: 10 cents per side

Reserve Items:

Late fee: (Per hour, per item) – 60 cents (maximum overdue fee – $10 per day)

Transparencies: 50 cents a page

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