Avoiding Library Fines is Easy

Once you know the policies! Let’s face it; college students are perpetually broke. So why add library fines to your stack of debts when you don’t have to? The key to avoiding a bill from the library is understanding why and how fines accrue.

The overdue fee for books is 15 cents a day. Once an item is 50 days overdue, your e-bill will be charged for the replacement cost of the book, plus a 15 dollar processing fee to cover the labor of searching the shelves, sending notices, generating paperwork and any other work that goes into getting the item back. Academic books are expensive! Prices can range anywhere from 15 to over 200 dollars. Once the replacement costs and processing fees are applied to your account, you still have 30 days in which to return the item and receive a refund on the replacement costs. That’s 80 extra days without having to purchase the book. A 15 cent-a-day fee will still be applied. Processing fees, once applied, are not refundable, and they add up fast. If you miss the 30-days-past-billing refund window, you’re stuck with a bill for both replacement costs and a 15-dollar processing fee, per book, even if you still return the books. Reserve Items (those that we keep behind the desk, like books on reserve, jump drives, cameras, power cords, etc.), carry even steeper fees of 60 cents an hour, and up to 10 dollars a day. Trust us, this is a bill you do not want, and guess what? It’s totally avoidable!

You need never face a library charge again if you do one of two things: 1) return your books within the initial 5-week check-out period, or 2) renew your books before they are due by sending an e-mail with your name and the title of item you would like renewed to renewal@nmu.edu. If renewing multiple items, no need to list them all; simply say, “renew all.” You can also renew over the phone, in person, or through this handy-dandy link: http://library.nmu.edu/about/policies/library_circulation.htm#renewlibrary

Keep in mind that Reserve Items are non-renewable, because we keep limited supplies on hand and the demand is high.

There’s no limit to how many times you renew your books (unless you are graduating or not returning to the university), but all items are subject to recall after they’ve been out 2 weeks (meaning if someone else requests them, we may ask for them back).

Please bear in mind that the materials you check out from the library belong to the library, and you are only borrowing them. We are only too happy to lend our materials to help you study, but we would also love to have our materials back, and in as good of condition as we lent them out.

So, study hard; hit the books, but don’t let late fees hit you . Love your library, and it will love you back!

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