Your Wild Cat Card: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Did you know that your NMU Wild Cat ID card is your passport to success in the Olson Library? You can’t print without it. It’s your Library Card: you can’t check out books, conference room keys, jump-drives, power cords, or any other item without it. Requesting a book from another Michigan library through MeLCat? You’ll need the barcode on the back of your Wild Cat card. It’s worth taking care of; the magnetic strip on the back can become damaged, making it difficult or impossible to add printing cash to your account. Keep your Wild Cat card safe its green envelope inside your wallet, and though it may be tempting, don’t punch holes in it, adorn it with stickers, and never, ever use it to scrape your windshield! Olson Library staff find multiple forgotten cards every day. Don’t risk someone else picking yours up first and using your Cat Ca$h or Dining Dollars! Though lost and damaged cards are replaceable at the Wild Cat Express Office, there is a $15.00 fee. For more information on managing your Wild Cat card, log on to

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