Library Closed for Memorial Day

The Olson Library will be closed Monday, May 30 in observance of Memorial Day. We will resume our normal summer hours on Tuesday, May 31. See the library calendar for a complete list of library hours.

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Want some quality online reference books? Check out Gale Virtual Reference Library


Although most people tend to search for their information using a library search engine or Google, the slow summer months provide you the time to browse some of the library’s reference sources.  One source of quality online reference material is Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Much of the content is provided by, the same group that provides the wonderful MelCat service, but some of the sources Olson Library purchased separately.  You can browse books by subject categories, or do a keyword search across all the works.  If you hold your mouse over a title, a description of that work is shown.

GVRL hover mouse

Browsing a title is like viewing an index in the back of the book.

GVRL encyclopedia of popular culture

Although many entries are text based, depending on the source and entry, images are included too (following image is from Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia, 2013).

GVRL image

So, the next cool, rainy day this summer, take your laptop to one of our bean bags in the library, or cover yourself with a blanket on your couch at home, and see what Gale Virtual Reference Library has to offer.

If you have any questions make sure to chat us or call 227-2118.

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Bike Share Program Back for 2016

owl bike

The ASNMU bike share program is now up and running! With your NMU ID, you are able to borrow a bike for up to three days at a time! Stop by the library on any weekday when we are open.  Happy riding!

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Jamrich Hours During Finals Week

ASNMU will once again sponsor Jamrich Hall as a 24-Hour Study Lounge during finals week.

It starts Sunday, April 24 @ midnight and ends Wednesday, April 27 at midnight.

Jamrich Hall hours the remainder of the week are as follows:

Thursday, April 28, Jamrich opens at 6:00 a.m. and stays open until Friday, April 29 at 2:00 a.m.

Friday, April 29, Jamrich opens at 6:00 a .m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. Friday night.

Good luck with finals!

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Quality online dictionaries and reference sources

Next time you need a definition or quick bit of information, don’t waste your time with or poor quality information on Google.


Oxford Reference Library Premium is a great online source of reference type materials that can come in handy when writing your next paper.  Oxford Reference Library Premium consists of two collections.

Oxford Quick Reference
Quickly check a fact, or find out key information about a concept, person, or term:

                    • A collection of over 125 core subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully-vetted quick results that users can trust
                    • Updated monthly, in addition to 3 major updates a year which add new titles and editions to the collection

Oxford Reference Library

Delve deeper into a subject, furthering your research needs using in-depth articles and essays, and expand your subject coverage with more specialist titles:

                    • Over 100 in-depth and specialist titles from Oxford’s award winning Encyclopedias and Companions
                    • New major reference titles added throughout the year, with new editions publishing periodically

With Oxford Reference Library Premium you can search across all titles or browse individual ones.








Likewise, you can browse titles by the two different collection types. Below is an example of the over 100 titles in the Reference Library collection, which provide more “meaty’ entries. Note, you can see all the titles, or browse them by subject (left hand side).


Once you give Oxford Reference Online Premium a try, we’re confident you will like what you find.

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Celebrate National Library Week by checking out an ebook!

This week is National Library Week and to celebrate consider checking out some of our ebooks.  We have thousands of ebooks, and some of our bigger collections are listed below:

Ebook Central – 33,000+ books across all topics and growing by about 4,000 titles a year.
EBSCO eBook Collection – 23,000+ books across all topics.
Books 24×7 – 11,000+ computer and technology books. Login using your NMU username & password.
ACLS Humanities E-Book Project – a searchable collection of over 4,300 books in the humanities and social sciences including history, area studies, political science, religion, literature and others.
PsycBooks – over 3,200 books dealing with psychology and psychiatry.
Stat!Ref – 37 books relating to medicine and healthcare .

Alternatively, you can always search the library catalog or OneSearch for ebooks.   For the catalog, simply click on the catalog tab on the library homepage and then click again on advanced search:

library homepage - catalog tab

From the advanced search screen simply type in some keywords on a topic of interest and choose the location NMU e-Resources.


e-resources location in catalog

If you are in OneSearch, simply restrict your topic search to books/ebooks and then the library location, NMU Electronic Resources.  All of these options are on the left hand side of the screen:

onesearch - limit to ebooks

Most book vendors will allow you to view an ebook online with no special software.  It will simply display in your internet browser.  However, if you want to download the book, security restrictions will require you to use Adobe Digital Editions, which can be downloaded from Adobe’s site.  You know you will need Adobe Digital Editions if the file name you download ends in .ascm, as opposed to .pdf.   Simply install and open Adobe Digital Editions and then drag the file onto the open program.  Voila! Your ebook will appear and be available to you for a period of days (depending on the vendor).

So celebrate the 21st century library by checking out an ebook today!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Mobile library website

The library has a mobile site for accessing various resources and services.   We offer some key features in a small package: Searching OneSearch for articles, renewing and searching for books, news, and more.

Anyone using a smartphone or tablet should be redirected automatically to the mobile site, but if not, point your browser to

library mobile image




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Birds of North America


As the weather gets warmer, our feathered friends migrate north. The Lydia M. Olson Library offers a database all about birds. This joint publication by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Ornithologists’ Union has detailed information about the hundreds of species that nest in the United States as well as Canada called Birds of North America Online.

Whether you have to write a paper on the hibernation behavior of the black-capped chickadee, or are a amateur ornithologist, Birds of North America Online is a treasure of information. As shown by the pink arrow, you can search birds by species. They are sorted by common name and scientific names. The green arrow directs you to the search bar where you can find exactly what you’re looking for with a few taps of a keyboard.

bird still 2

For each bird, there is an information page just like the one below. You can learn diffrent things about each bird by clicking on each tab that’s inside the pink rectangle. They will lead you to things such as food habits, sounds, behavior and so on so forth. To the left of the blue star, you can access articles about the particular bird types. In the Multimedia tab, you can access photos, videos, sounds and more! As for the reference tab, it gives you a bibliography of all of the sources on Blue Jays, which would work wonders for a research paper.

bird still 1

The nice thing about Birds of North America Online a is that it provides a total review on what is known about that species, all in one spot, compiled from an analysis of peer reviewed, scholarly literature.  Each report is revised regularly, and the last revision is always listed on the top of each page.

Whether you are a birder, a researcher, or simply a student writing on a bird species, Birds of North America Online is a great starting point.

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Magazines at the library!

The Lydia M. Olson Library offers a wide selection of magazines and journals. They are offered for many academic concentrations as well as for recreational reading. The periodicals are housed to the right of the Public Services desk by the color printer. This post highlights a few magazines just to give you a taste of what is offered.

Advertising Age


Advertising Age (also known as Ad Age) delivers news on marketing and media. Inside it opens with a briefing of what’s happening in the ad industry. After that, as you’d expect, there’s articles about how ad campaigns are working (or not working) for companies across the world.  This publication would be good for marketing, graphic design, public relations and anything else that could benefit from the study of advertisements.



The Booklist magazine aims to present critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. It is published by the American Library association. It also features interviews with authors and what they call the “classic corner” where they feature classics with new materials on the market. This publication is would benefit English, education and history majors as well as anyone who likes to read



Wired is a magazine written about how technology is changing economics, culture and politics. Inside you will find everything from social media to new products. This magazine is for anyone who is intrested in social media, technology and how those things go together.

Sports Illustrated 


Sports Illustrated is a classic magazine about sports, sports and more sports! It covers all big sporting events (such as the Super Bowl or March Madness) all the way to editorials about sports history or on superstar athletes. This magazine is great if you a) like sports b) have a free minute on campus and c) don’t want to pay for your subscription yourself!



Nursing 2016 is a peer reviewed journal on the hottest news in nursing. It offers a ton of information on things you might be currently learning in class. Just to highlight a few sections included in this publication: drug news, ethical problems, inspiring change and clinical rounds. This publication would be great for nursing students as well as anyone going into the medical field in any capacity.

Scholastic Teacher


The Scholastic Teacher offers many ideas for learning professionals across the country! With classroom organizing techniques, activities and teaching strategies, this magazine is great for teachers old and new!

National Parks


National Parks magazine aims to foster an appreciation of the natural and historic treasures found in the parks as well as educate readers about the need to reserve those resources. There’s articles that spotlight national parks, esteemed park rangers and much more.

A fair amount of publications are listed, but that isn’t even a quarter of what is offered. We have magazines for all fields and interests so stop by or contact us with any questions!

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Having a hard time finding resources for your paper? Try OneSearch!


onesOneSearch is the library’s main search engine that you can use to find articles in magazines, newspapers, and journals, along with books and other library materials.

From the library’s homepage simply type in some key words that represent your topic.  Two to three terms is about right.  Less, and your results are too scattered, more and you might not get enough relevant sources [click image to enlarge].

library screen with onesearch terms original
When you get some results, the left hand side of the screen gives you lots of options to restrict your search further.  You can click on peer review publications if your faculty member said you can only use scholarly resources, or you can pick a specific type of resource [click image to go to search].

onesearch results edited

All your results are items we own electronically, or if books, electronic and print items in our library.  By hovering over the title you get an abstract of the item (if available), and if you click on the title you get access to the full text [click image to go to search].

OneSearch preview

It’s likely all your information needs can be found in OneSearch.  If you have questions or run into problems, make sure to stop by the Public Services desk, call (227-2250), or chat us.

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