Have a great holiday and a great book!

comfortAdAre you a reader that loves to curl up with a gratifyingly good book? You can now find a display of comforting books purposefully designed for your holiday reading needs. They are located in the lower shelving area by the big windows’ side of the library. Come check them out! We have included heaps of titles, from books by Roald Dahl to the Harry Potter series, and The Giver by Lois Lowry, among other generously great novels! Give yourself a treat and snuggle into a chair to comfortably read a satisfying book.

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TV6 Canathon Drop Off!

The Lydia Olson Library has recently received a Canathon Drop Box! Marquette Ending Hunger is looking to donate a ton of food to the TV6 Canathon. That’s 2,000 pounds! They are looking for any non perishable food and it will be in the library and around campus until Nov. 30! If you have any questions, contact lalarson@nmu.edu or rconn@nmu.edu!


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New LTE Hot Spots Available!


The Lydia Olson  Library has recently obtained five little LTE hotspots. These are WiFi anytime anywhere. They will work anywhere there is service!


There is a power button on the top. When you hold the button for five seconds it will either power it on or off. The chart above shows what the screen symbols mean.

Here’s how it works:

1. Put the spot somewhat close to your device.

2. Turn the spot on by holding the power button for five seconds. Plug it in if it needs power.

3. Within a few seconds, the WiFi icon should appear signaling that the spot is ready to go.

4. After this, you can connect to it with the following:

Network Name: NMU_Library

Password: nmu2015lib

5. You are now ready to connect!

To check the availability of these, you can contact us by email, chat or phone!

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Find Out When an LTE Modem is Due Back

The library has LTE modems for 3 day check-out as part of the “try before you buy” program. Unfortunately you cannot reserve them but if you want to find out if one is available or when the next one is due back you can check the Library Catalog.  Alternatively you can ask us through our online chat service.  Please keep in mind that the modems are on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot hold them for anyone.

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Last Day to Request MeLCat Items: November 17th

Requesting of MeLCat items will be suspended from November 18 through December 10 to accommodate major infrastructure work. You can continue to pick-up and return items during this time. You can also renew items currently checked out until December 2 when MeLCat will be taken offline until December 11.

During this time of MeLCat unavailability you can submit a request to borrow items from other libraries through our Interlibrary Loan service. Similar to MeLCat, library staff will locate and request items held by other libraries. You will receive an email from the library when your items are ready to be picked up.

Remember, the last day to request items through MeLCat is November 17. Requests can once again be made starting December 11. So get those requests in now before MeLCat goes quiet for a few weeks!

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This is Halloween: Crafts, Costumes and More!

As Halloween approaches, the Lydia Olson Library has materials for all Halloween occasions. This list includes everything from festive cookbooks to scary movies!

All Hallows’ Eve : 13 stories by Vivian Vande Velde

Pre-K – 12 Collection V3631 A55

This book offers 13 short spooky stories for all ages. You’ll find ghosts, vampires and pranks gone awry! Read them all at once, or one a night leading up until Halloween! Just spooky enough to questions the monsters under your bed!

Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook

Available online

Festive recipes for a Halloween party coming your way! This cookbook offers how to plan a “Fright Fest” as well as creative snacks such as bugs in a blanket, lemon slime punch and brownie pumpkin cheesecake! This book is online and downloadable so it’s convenient for last minute planning.


NMU Media PN1995.9 .H6 2007

This movie reinvents the 1987 classic “Halloween.” This movie is considered the ultimate slasher classic. After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, escapes form the mental institution after being put there at the age of ten. He then returns to his hometown to find his little sister and anyone in his way is toast. This movie is rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and terror.


Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night

GT4965 .R634 2003

This book is about how Halloween has evolved into what we know it as today. Rooted in Celtic and Christian ritual, this book takes a look at how Halloween evolved into the commercialized version we celebrate today.

Costumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy by Barb Rogers

TT633 .R636 2005

If you need a costume, this book is for you! It offers simple directions on how to build any part of a costume. In all honesty, there’s a cowgirl on an ostrich on the cover so how could you go wrong?

Scream: 1,2 AND 3

NMU Media PN1995.9 .H6 S22 2007

It’s a scary movie triple feature! This set will keep you occupied for approximately 5.8 hours. It will help get anyone into the Halloween spirit! If you love movie marathons, this is the set for you.

We have tons of children books that aren’t listed as well as scary movies and books! If you have any questions on these titles or any other Halloween materials, don’t hesitate to stop by or contact us!

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Are research papers scaring you this Halloween season? Use Zotero to lay these ghosts to rest!

Zotero is a bibliographic manager, which means that it will collect the bibliographic information about your sources and store pdfs as well. Once you start writing your paper, you can use Zotero to insert references and to create and format your bibliography. Learn how to download Zotero and customize it for NMU here and here.

Don’t feel up to downloading anything right now? Microsoft Word can also collect references and create citations and a bibliography for you (it can’t save your pdfs, though). Learn how to use Microsoft Word for this purpose here.

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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a resource requesting service offered by NMU Olson Library. Although ILL allows you to request all kinds of resources it is best used for things we cannot receive through Melcat like journal articles. The average time to get a ILL depends on the type of resource; articles usually take one week, whereas books can take up to three weeks. Once your item arrives you’ll be notified via email.  NOTE, you cannot request items that we own or are currently checked-out.

To place an interlibrary loan request you must first go to the library services tab and select ILL, which has been highlighted in pink.



This will take you to an information page that tells you everything you need to know about ILL. The link next to the green arrow takes you to the ILL homepage after you logon to the system with your NMU ID and password.


Once you are directed to the ILL home page you have to select the type of material you want to request. NOTE, if you haven’t used ILL before you will first be asked to create an account by providing your local address and phone number before being taken to the homepage.

You can choose the kind of resource you want by clicking on one of the request buttons by the red arrow.


If you want to request an article fill out all of the fields. To get the item in a timely matter, make sure you enter the citation information correctly.  Once you submit the request, we will let you know when the item arrives by email.



If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the front desk, give us a call or send us an email or chat!

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APA, MLA, Chicago Oh My: Style Guides from the Library!

Papers always seem to sneak up on you, mainly because you keep putting them off, saying “oh I’ve got a month.”  Once you finally start writing, the references always seem to be the thing that keeps you up late the night before the paper is due.

Don’t worry, we can help you with that!  We have quick guides to four of the main citation guides–APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian.  Starting on our homepage, look under User Guides (circled in red below), and pick the style you are required to use for your paper.

For most research papers in the social sciences, you’ll be required to use APA style so that’s what we’ll be working with.

style guide 1

After you’ve selected your style guide, there will be a list. This list is filled with every citation you could possibly need.

style guide 2

I’ve chosen to look up a book citation. As you can see underlined in purple, online and print books are cited differently.

style guide 3


When you click the expand button next to the blue arrow, it will take you to a more detailed citation guide that shows you the correct format for that source.  Citations are very precise so make sure you are citing the correct item. Note, when you expand the page, you must scroll (as indicated by the yellow arrow) to reach the print citations.

style guide 4


Although definite time savers, our quick-reference style guides still require you to manually create your own citations.  A faster way is to use free reference manager like Zotero, which can import sources you find by using OneSearch and then create in-text citations and a reference list in MS Word all in a few clicks of your mouse.  Thousands of citation styles are available through Zotero.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to stop by or contact us!


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ARTstor, 1,000,000+ images for teaching, learning, and research

gauguin small

ARTstor is a digital library of nearly one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences. In addition to traditional images in art and architecture, ARTstor includes ornithological paintings, political cartoons, sheet music covers, and anatomical drawings.

ARTstor collections consist of contributions from museums, individual photographers, scholars, special collections at libraries, and photo archives.



ARTstore offers copyright clearance for students, faculty, and staff to use images and text for presentations and lectures, course reserves, classroom handouts, student presentations and papers, and research projects.


ARTstor search small
ARTstor can be browsed by geography, type of work, or collection (Detroit Institute of Arts, etc.). Additionally, you can search by keyword, title of work, or by creator.


ARTstor info smallAll images have an information link that provides details on the artist, title of the work, type of work (painting, sculpture, etc.) date created, and more.

Once you create a free account, you can save and organize images into image groups, export entire image groups in batches, through the export to PowerPoint feature, access the ARTstor Mobile site, download the free Offline Image Viewer software, and more.

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