Updated: Fire Alarm Testing in the LRC: Last Week of July 2014

Scheduled Friday afternoon at 1pm in the LRC was the testing of the new fire alarm.  Some of you may have noticed the strobe lights.  This testing will again be taking place the week of the 28th.  We will keep you posted as to when.

Thank you for your patience.

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Possible internet interruptions in LRC: Wednesday July 16th

Due to the remodeling in the library, the “telecom closet” will be relocated today and as a result, there will be Internet access interruptions.  From our Dean:

  • I’ve been told that the Public Services desk will probably NOT be interrupted.
  • Some WiFi will be interrupted, but there may be enough bleed from the first and third floors to minimize problems.
  • Some wired network access will be interrupted, likely near the back of the library.

Although not recommended for on-campus use, Wimax might be the best option for uninterrupted Internet access today.  Just remember that printing from that network is not recommended–take your laptop to the print station and plug in to the ethernet cable.


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Taking the GRE, LSAT, or MCAT?

For those planning to take one of the many graduate school entrance tests, the Learning Express Library has a variety of practice tests available.  Made available by the Michigan eLibrary (the same folks that brought you MelCat), the Learning Express Library provides access to practice tests for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and a few other graduate school entrance exams.  You will need to create an account before taking a test but then you can track your progress and start and stop tests at your convenience.

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Common Pricing Questions

Originally created as a quick reference for us at the service desk, this list of common fines and costs would be handy for everyone to have access to.  Current as of July 2nd, 2014:

Common Pricing Questions

Bike Share Program:

Bike-share return late fee (per day) -$3, Bike-share lost key fee -$15,

Bike-share replacement fee – $340

Camcorder: Late Return Fee -$10

Courtesy Card:$25 annual fee

Fax: Sending: Domestic: 55 cents a page /International: $2.50 a page

Sending: To campus or toll-free number: Free of charge / Receiving: Free

Guest Card: $5 cost supplies $3 of CAT Cash

Laminating Fee: $1 a foot

Laptop Rentals:

Thinkpad: Daily – $15, Weekly – $40, Summer – $250

Late fees: $15 p/day

Macbook: Daily – $20, Weekly – $55, Summer – $345

Late fees: $20 p/day

Locker Rental: $25 per semester or for both summer sessions

Overdue Fines: 15 cents a day per item

Printers & Copiers:

Black & White Printing: 5 cents per side

Color Copying & Printing: 15 cents per side

Black & White Copies: 10 cents per side

Reserve Items:

Late fee: (Per hour, per item) – 60 cents (maximum overdue fee – $10 per day)

Transparencies: 50 cents a page

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Skywalk Taken Down

The skywalk that connected Jamrich & West Science was taken down today! Check out the pictures :) It all happened around 4:40 p.m!

skywalk skywalk2 skywalk3skywalk5

When the students return in the fall the campus will have a new look :)

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Bike Share is Back!!

8 new bicycles are ready for check out at the library service desk, courtesy of ASNMU (old link, but that’s their webpage).  They are outside the 2nd floor of the LRC at the entrance nearest New Science.

asnmubikes (400x300) asnmubikes2 (400x300)

To check out a bike you must have a valid NMU ID (your Wildcat Express card).  The first time you check out a bike for the fiscal year you will need to fill out and sign this agreement, which we will keep on file:

bike agreement

Checkouts are for 3 days, and when you return the bike, one of the library students or staff will use this checklist to determine the condition of the bike before it’s checked in:

check in form

And there you go.  This has been a popular and oft-requested checkout here at the library, but it’s ASNMU’s program.  Any questions or comments should be directed at them.

Have a good summer.


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Moving and Shifting at the Library

Nevermind that there is a new connector between the new Jamrich and the 2nd floor of the LRC, the library has been undergoing a shift on the 2nd floor that has altered the look and location of familiar collections:

  • The Reference Collection has been shrunk to a few shelves near Government Documents.  Much of what used to be in the Reference Collection has been moved to the 3rd floor and will be able to be checked out.
  • The Indexes & Abstracts have also undergone the same treatment.
  • The Current Periodicals section has been moved from one side of the floor to the other (occupying where the Reference Collection used to be).
  • The K-12 Collection and the room in which it used to sit (LRC 229) are undergoing the most significant changes.  The room will be converted into 2 classrooms, while the books themselves will be on new shelving in the area where the Honors Atelier is currently.  At the moment, the K-12 books are where the Indexes & Abstracts used to be.

The current LRC floor plans have not been updated yet, so you’ll have to imagine the changes.

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Map Display in the Library

Do you like maps? Stop in to the Lydia Olson Library this summer and enjoy our display of maps from the Great Lakes Region.


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Summer Parking Issues

The demolition of Jamrich Hall will impact parking and walking near the LRC until mid-August.  Beginning Monday May 19th, the route under the skywalk will be fenced off.  You will have to wind your way through West Science or around McClintock to the Academic Mall from Lot 29.  From NMU Engineering & Planning:

Demolition actives will be complete the first week of August with site restoration actives being complete by early October 2014.

During the demolition Lot 25, the northwest side of McClintock, will be closed and used for truck and equipment access to the demolition site. Lot 25 will reopen prior to the start of the Fall 2014 semester.

Pedestrian access will remain open between the new Jamrich Hall construction site and the existing Jamrich Hall demolition site for the duration of the summer.


Parking in Lot 11 (unmarked, just off the top of the aerial photo) is unaffected.  For parking on campus, refer to this link.

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Moments from Last week’s Dog Night.

Thanks again to the Pet Partners folks for helping us take a break during finals week! We can’t wait to do it again this December!

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