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Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) have undergone several changes in the last year. The CTL was launched to enhance the services previously offered through the CITE. Complementing the physical improvements, we are redesigning our web presence (which currently includes both and into a single, integrated site. As we plan our new website, we would like your input on how the site can be most useful to you. Please use this link to provide your input:

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Center for Teaching and Learning has moved!

The Center for Teaching and Learning has moved down the hall to LRC 106. This space is very near to the IDT suite (LRC 112).

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Focus on Jamrich Classrooms (Aug 25, 2014)

-Don’t forget your dry erase marker(s)
Whiteboards are available in all instructional areas of Jamrich, but you will need to supply your own dry erase markers. Make sure the marker you use is not PERMANENT! Feel free to stop by the Center for Teaching and Learning’s faculty lab (LRC 128)  to grab your FREE CTL dry erase marker while supplies last.

-Height adjustable teacher stations and stools
There is a lever underneath the part of the teacher station that has a black colored edge on three sides which allows for the table to be raised / lowered. The instructor stool also has a lever for height adjustment.

-Mini displayport cables and adaptors
If you use your “Twist” Lenovo laptop in Jamrich, there is a dedicated mini displayport cable in the room labeled “LAPTOP” so no adaptor is necessary. If you also teach in other buildings, you will need to bring a mini DisplayPort adaptor with you to class. Mini displayport adaptors are available from Micro Repair. If you forget to bring your adaptor to class, you may phone our classroom support line (x2290) and we will run over a “loaner” adaptor.  Loaners must be returned within 3 days.

-AVer document cameras at student tables in Enhanced Active Learning classrooms
AVer document cameras at teacher stations are hard-wired into the system but the document cameras at student tables in the three Enhanced Active Learning classrooms can only be projected while connected to a student’s laptop using “WePresent” wireless software and “A+ Suite” software. Both can be downloaded from Please contact IDT Classroom Support for personal assistance.

-Interactive Displays in lecture halls and Enhanced Active Learning classrooms
Interactive displays are only installed in the three lecture halls on the main floor and the three enhanced active learning classrooms on the third floor.
a. Annotations: (think John Madden play by play recap) In order for the annotations to work, you will need to install software called “Sankore” available from the IDT website as well as a stylus pen (available through the Center for Teaching and Learning) and from the IDT Classroom Support Main Office.
b. PowerPoint: the interactive display is great for projecting your laptop in EXTEND mode. It enables you to see what the students are seeing while viewing your PowerPoint notes and many slides at a glance.

-WePresent software/hardware for wireless connections to televisions and projectors
WePresent is a wireless system recommended for students who do not have access to the fixed cables at the teacher station. PLEASE NOTE: WePresent will not work through WiMAX, only WiFi.

-Electronic Class Cancelations for Jamrich flight boards
Very soon, the electronic class cancelations will be up and running on the flight boards. Until then, you may continue to contact IDT Classroom Support and we will make sure a printed cancelation gets put up at your classroom.

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August 18-19 Professional Development Event to be Sponsored by CTL

The CTL is sponsoring a professional development day for faculty and other NMU instructors on Monday, August 18. We have a full day of programming planned, with a wide variety of sessions facilitated by CTL staff, faculty members, and other members of the NMU community. The program grew beyond one day, so we will also have a few sessions the morning of Tuesday, August 19. This event will be one of the first opportunities to see the new Jamrich Hall in action, with sessions taking place in Jamrich learning spaces and several opportunities for building tours.

Check out the full program and mark your calendars now! Pre-registration is not required, but is appreciated, as it will help us plan refreshments and handouts.

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CTL’s Dr. Robert Beichner Visit a Success

On Friday, March 21, the CTL welcomed  Dr. Robert Beichner to campus.100_0331

Dr. Beichner was the originator of the SCALE-UP program, which developed and assessed active learning classrooms. This project served as the model for LRC 108 and the active learning classrooms in the new Jamrich.  Dr. Beichner is a professor at North Carolina State University and their Director of STEM Education.


Dr. Beichner, an award winning educator and leader in researching and developing active learning spaces, had a busy day at NMU. His morning began with a continental breakfast with faculty, followed by a workshop on “Using Learning Spaces Wisely.”  Following a lunch with Deans and Department heads, he led a second faculty workshop on “Approaching Teaching Systematically.”  Both workshops were well attended and received positive feedback.

Recordings of both workshops are available.


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SWIVL Personal Cameraman Available at IDT Office

Shoot great-looking video of yourself with your iPhone, iPod touch, or pocket camera with Swivl. Using a wireless marker, this device automatically follows you horizontally and vertically, and features an integrated microphone for CD-quality sound.

YouTube: SWIVL

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